Guiding you to success

Welcome to my strategy shop!

“Nothing is particularly hard if it’s divided into small jobs and you have a plan to follow. Without a strategy, content is just stuff and the world has enough stuff.”

I create strategies, that are in essence brand action plans with original thinking and high-level introductions to guide you to success.

  • Strategies take 2-3 weeks to create and I can present them on Zoom or if we are in the same location face to face
  • If you are a fast mover, buy your strategy today! Tap for a quick purchase below and I will be in touch to arrange a complimentary consultation and to set a delivery date
  • I will send across a brand questionnaire so we can clearly define what success means to you. Clarity is magnetic and this in-depth questionnaire helps cut through any confusion
  • If you are looking for me to fly somewhere to present it, this can be arranged on request. Please note standard consultancy day rates and expense costs apply

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