Guiding you to success

Price £4,500
Turnaround time 2-3 weeks

This is the strategy for the major players or the ready-to-be major players.

This overarching marketing and PR strategy is all about Expansion and elevation — A business strategy for those looking to go for growth

This is for all major players in terms of brands and businesses looking to go for increased visibility and opportunities and those focused on controlled growth and expansion.

Your overarching strategy is the highest guide to all your promotional, profiling, and sales activity. These strategies are simple with clear sentences and stepping-stones that everyone within an organisation and all suppliers can understand and implement.

Sometimes it takes an expert and fresh pair of eyes to evaluate your Marketing and PR and create a roadmap to take you to success. This allows my clients to focus on the next stepping-stone and milestone ahead. This strategy can then be taken in-house with your Marketing and PR team or I can co-ordinate its implementation by being hands-on myself or instructing a team of excellent suppliers and quality controlling and conducting these as required.

I review your business profile online, your sales processes and channels, review your competitors, referral partners, and affiliates, create and explore new opportunities, and cut through the noise to create a Marketing & PR strategy that builds a brand, not just a business.

I create an overarching strategy covering both Marketing and public relations. The strategy I design was for my own business. So I include all the things I would employ to drive success. Then I break this into a cherry-picking list with a few cost options of what can be achieved. I always look at what the immediate needs are and where there can be quick wins if needed, alongside looking at how I develop and sustain the backbone of the business financials for longevity.

We must stop advertising and start innovating. To do this we always start by listening every great conversation starts with listening and reviewing what’s been done to date and doing a web sweep from sentiment to fine detail stats.

Marketing and public relations are the foundations of how you communicate your value to potential customers and clients and how you convert them.

Developing an overarching marketing strategy is all about understanding your data to date and what your insights actually mean, who your customers are, how your product or services fit into the market, and where and how to reach the right people regularly. With my psychology background marketing for me is not about demographics it’s about psychographics I’m always trying to work with an audience that is thirsty.

You find what connects your audience and you make them feel seen and heard and give them a sense of belonging. This is for us, this is ours.

Then you clarify, simplify, mirror and magnify keeping it relevant and exciting.

If you are looking for a shorter strategy or a faster turnaround, please purchase the bespoke strategy option or contact me to discuss.

Your strategy has clear section divides and will include the following :

  1. Brief, budget and timeframe
  2. Outcomes and goal posts
  3. KPIs
  4. Stepping stones
  5. Current position
  6. Quick wins
  7. Tactics and Experiential
  8. Brand story
  9. Peacock points
  10. Audiences
  11. Recommended suppliers and packages
  12. Negotiated packages
  13. First steps
  14. Web review
  15. PR and Digital Audit and Data Dissemination
  16. Development for Elevation
  17. Video Marketing
  18. Main focus Main Mountain
  19. High-level intros requested or needed. This could be suggested leads, investors, sponsors, donors, influencers, celebrities, affiliates, referral partners, Business Development Managers, Trainers, or Coaches
  20. Bigger F2F event, PR stunt, or Digital Collaboration opportunity
  21. Social Media Full Content Strategy
  22. PR strategy + focus media
  23. Advertorial opportunities
  24. Next steps