Guiding you to success

“A dream written down becomes a goal. A group hand-picked to achieve the goal becomes your team. A goal broken down becomes a strategy. A strategy backed by team actions becomes a reality.”

It is true ideas are a pound a dozen, what really matters is implementation. I see and hear about so many great ideas that just never happen. Many imagine few execute and even fewer execute well.

Strategy implementation is for life’s ‘doers’ not talkers. It’s the process of turning plans into action to reach the desired outcome.

Essentially, it’s the art of getting stuff done.

As Quincy Jones said: “No paralysis through over-analysis.” We just keep pushing things forward.

If I have space on my books and you have the dedicated budget. Then I can work hands-on with strategy implementation and conducting suppliers or in-house teams.

I’ve been known to take on many passion projects where I take a brand from conception right through to the marketplace. From products, services, and businesses to legacy programmes.

If my diary allows I can also offer a once-a-month clinical check-in day to conduct suppliers and quality control of the work and the results. This gives me the chance to bring exciting new opportunities to the table too.

8 Key Steps to strategy implementation

  1. Set Clear Goals and Define Key Variables for implementation
  2. Determine Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships
  3. Create a communications platform to track progress
  4. Delegate the work to Sian’s recommended suppliers
  5. Execute the Plan, Monitor Progress and Performance, This is where Sian Gunney may be able to provide continued support with clinical monthly check-up days
  6. Take Corrective Action quarterly (Adjust or Revise, as Necessary)
  7. Get Closure on the Project, and Agreement on the Output
  8. Conduct a Retrospective or Review of How the Process Went
  9. Look to build the next stage strategy and restart the process.

I charge the flat fees below outside of a 6-month rolling contract for ad hoc support days.

  • The day rate is £750
  • Half-Day is £375
  • Power Hour is £200

Within a 6 month rolling contract I can offer set days, half days and even power hours at a preferential client flat-fee price for each.

  • Day rate £500
  • Half-Day £250
  • Power Hour £100

I help to implement the strategies I create on the list below.

  • Overarching Marketing and PR Strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Bespoke Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • PR Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Launch Strategy
  • Content Strategy

The data available from social media and online marketing and PR has grown more complex, and more diverse, in recent years, it offers businesses even greater potential to understand consumer behaviours, motivations, and attitudes. These increasingly sophisticated insights when understood properly can have applications that extend beyond the marketing department to almost every business function and drive growth with high focus and lean principles reducing wasted budget.

To buy one of these or learn more, please visit my Strategy Shop.