Guiding you to success

Hey there

Like you, I’m one of a kind and born to stand out.

My name is Sian Gunney and I work as a Success Strategist.

“If you don’t know where you are going, all paths lead there.”

Amber Rae

I create strategies that are essentially action plans with clear stepping stones to guide you to success. I include handpicked introductions in your pack to deliver parts of the strategy, keep you on track, and give you the edge.

I’m well known for my digital marketing and digital PR expertise. I’m a motivational consultant who guides both individuals and teams to success.

Consistency matters to me, far more than intensity and I’m a big advocate of aligned business and atomic habits. I focus on and love delivering work that has a meaningful social impact.

I help people transform from great thinkers and talkers to great doers. Doers that think bigger and go on to make their business and their brand goals a reality. This all starts with understanding where you want to go.

With my onboarding questionnaire and zoom call, I  help you to get really clear on what success means to you and why.

I’m all about future-proofing your brand and your time and financial freedom. I want to work with those that are ready to evolve.

I’m an expert at high-level online marketing, a complete geek when it comes to strategy, stats and the psychology and art that goes into creating and curating your brand’s social media marketing.

I’m great at connecting people with cognitive diversity as I believe your team matters most. A good business is built with good relationships. The quality of your relationships indicates the quality of your business. You need to trust your team, and delegate to them which helps your business and brand grow with creativity and innovation. It is your team that will help you maintain balance. They pull your plane wing up when it dips too far one way and goes in the water. They also encourage you to be brave and bold and explore new frontiers.

I’m obsessed with teaching others how to grow their businesses and profiles to new stratospheres. If you are looking for cheap mediocre marketing you are not in the right place.

I create adventures with cutting edge data-informed strategy, smart systems and an excellent team so that my clients can focus on keeping space for what matters most. Which is often adding more life through joy to their years.

I look to remove clutter and distractions and create a clear pathway with stepping stones.

We are all creating our own destiny one thought and action at a time. I help clients not get distracted from things that have nothing to do with their goals and ensure that their actions are aligned with their goals.

Most people only reach 25-35% capacity of what they are capable of. This might be due to self-sabotage perfectionism, and paralysis through over-analysis. The fear of judgement of putting themselves out there and creating a disruptive brand, or simply because of the limits they have created in their mind.

I challenge and motivate my clients to think bigger and help them to get to new heights.

I’m a fan of curious minds, lifelong learners and doers, the ones that want to change the world for the better.

Welcome to my online home!

I create success strategies for businesses and brands and help them implement these. Either myself with hands on work or by introducing suppliers, Digital Marketing and PR specialists from my inner circle quality network of suppliers. Or clients are able to implement the strategy with their in-house marketing and PR team and can request clinical check-up appointments with me for quality control. If my diary allows I can offer once a month consulting days to help conduct the suppliers and ensure that everything is on track with the strategy implementation.

By mapping out a clear road map with milestones and targets along the way. Turning complex projects into simplified streamlined plans and working diligently to ensure success, whilst linking up all the right people around that business and brand to keep them on the right path for their desired outcomes.

Those I align with and believe in. I work with a range of clients often former sports stars and other prestigious celebrities, thought leaders, top tier large corporate brands and recently artisan and luxury brand start-ups.

It gives them both clarity of direction and excitement for all the opportunities that I have not only identified but I’ve mapped out the stepping- stones of how to accomplish them. A plan helps my clients to feel both guided and supported on the right path. If I work with my clients to implement the strategy I can act as an extension of their Senior Management Team. It stops ideas getting stuck and not moving forward,  it helps with innovation for brand evolution and growth. It reassures the team having a strategy to refer to, so that the business or brand stays on track for success. Ideas are a dime a dozen but execution matters and with consultancy days I can act as an integrator conducting all the suppliers and quality controlling the service and results.

To help people achieve their dreams in business, to me this is something that is innate and comes easily. There’s always been a lot of joy and flow in the work that I do and the clients that I work with.


I feel honoured to help individuals and teams that I believe in tell their brand story.


I get such a buzz from other people’s success I love seeing other people rise in both business and life.


“At the right time in the right way everything is extraordinary.” Aaron Rose


I’ve been in the business of Digital Marketing and Public Relations for over a decade and a half. Part of my degree studies was in Psychology and I have always had a knack of ‘understanding people’ what makes them tick.


I can easily put myself in their shoes and understand with real clarity what want to achieve and how I can help them achieve it. I use a lot of social psychology principles throughout my strategy and social media marketing.


Digital Marketing is a mixture of science and art which I have a degree and masters in.


I’m a creative that will always look at what the competitors are doing, look at what they are not doing and go against the grain to create something unique that stands out from the crowd.


Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it. Right is right even if no-one is doing it. You see the very best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing at all.

Being Fearless, independent and original. The art of possibilities and helping make great things happen. I’d love to be known for my innovation, High Quality results, creative work and enjoyable flourishing professional relationships.

A brands story and strategy.

Aligned clients that value and respect my time my advice, guidance and skills whilst also respecting my boundaries. I’m not looking to serve anyone that is ego led, has unrealistic expectations or is high touch or high drama. I under promise and over-deliver and I tend to sound people out well. Unless it’s a hell yeah it’s a hell no.

It will take them on an enjoyable journey to reach their business and brand goals

Everything starts with listening to the client and their team and the conversations around the brand online. These are not only data informed strategies to jettison your brand.


These are people informed so I create something that works for the individual or team.

There’s never a one size fits all. These are all tailor made strategies.


There’s strength and grace in the art of what I do, from creating the brand plan and stepping stones. To curating and conducting a team to follow a strategy to success.

Sian Gunney smiling blonde sat in a chair in a black suit

About me

I’m a dedicated, versatile creator who designs and executes meaningful strategies bridging content and commerce across platforms and people.

Nothing is particularly hard if you have a plan to follow and divide it into small jobs. This is part of what I do as a success strategist and there’s nothing I love more than seeing people succeed and accomplish their goals and help unexpected doors fly open for them.

I’m listed in the top 10 social media experts to watch out for on Yahoo Finance and as 48 in the top 100 influencers worldwide on digital marketing by Onalytica. I have worked within Marketing and PR for all of my career and for over fifteen years I’ve had the honour of working for myself serving some of the coolest clients on this planet. I’m often sought after by celebrities to support their brand and business.

I see myself as a mover and shaker and empire maker all from behind my computer screen!

I motivate you, challenge you, I tend to disrupt and shake things up that’s how transformation happens. Everyone that comes to work with me is looking for some kind of transformation. My adventurous soul is willing to suspend fear and move intentionally towards my goals by helping others to build their dreams and obliterate the limits they set themselves.

What you create, creates you!

Isn’t it time to bring that brilliant, bold vision into the limelight? I wholeheartedly believe in making your business work for you and not the other way around.

Before we go any further, let me introduce myself. I’m a small city girl from Cardiff the Capital of Wales. Despite Cardiff being a capital city, it’s humble, brimming with graft, pride and passion and it has the warmth of a village community like Rhiwbina which will always be home. I’m a deep thinker, a deep feeler and I’m serious about helping others define, roadmap, travel and achieve success. In my mind growth and success has always emulated travel … that’s why with an ever-changing horizon for your business or brand. I help clients to stay on the right trajectory and enjoy the journey.

Sian Gunney blonde sitting on stairs in jeans with chihuahuas

I’m a soulpreneur and a fussy foodie and I fluctuate between vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian and I’m starting to learn more about the ayurvedic principles. I love cooking gorgeous healthy food for my loved ones. I have a New York City Mind with a relentless and incredible work rate. I have a peaceful, country heart, a love of animals and nature and a very old soul. These days I love being behind the scenes helping clients supercharge their plans and team!

When you know how to fly, nothing can stop you.

I support exceptional individuals and teams to up-level their business and their brand.

No one wants to be a flash in the pan, sustainability in business means many things!

Surrounded by a stable of exceptional creatives globally. I can work with clients to lead change, not be led; supporting them to self-disrupt, refocus and reposition.

As a self-confessed recovering workaholic mastering flow with boundaries and atomic habits is fundamental. I know better than anyone why balance and boundaries matter in business and having the right team around you is non-negotiable for success and staying power for you and your business in the market. So I help you to create and sustain an aligned support network that works for you.

A next-level reality always requires next-level actions.

In the ever turning new world, everyone has mastered the realisation that digital delivers through everything. Creating real, robust systems that do the work for you. Building that evergreen passive income machine that everyone talks about, but few conquer, develop and sustain.

Well, I can take you there, then you can step back and enjoy curating the next business offering or idea or simply just live more and enjoy life more.

Everyone’s idea of success, balance and future-proofing looks very different. As we are all unique and our needs are different. There is never a one size fits all approach to this success journey but there are stepping-stones you can all follow to stay on your right trajectory.

It’s all about remembering to Enjoy The Journey.

If you like stories I have an epic one click here

Sian is an absolute powerhouse, what she doesn’t know about marketing and strategy isn’t worth knowing. She moves fast – I have never known someone who can get so much done in a day and the output is quality. She really cares about her clients and goes way above what you would expect – I feel so well looked after on all levels and she is an integral part of my business. The best hire I ever made.

Emma Van Heusen blonde lady smiling

Emma Van Heusen (2 May 2020, Emma was a client of Sian Rachel's)

Agency Owner & Entrepreneur at Emma Van Heusen Ltd | Coach and Best Selling Author

My boundaries

‘Boundaries help us to maintain Brilliance’

Boundaries are fundamental for high achievers. Here are mine, I talk about these a lot on Instagram and I’d love to hear what yours are?!

  • I value creative flow so I need minimal calls and meetings and will honour this by scheduling when critical
  • I value quality time, so I need focused 1 on 1 connection and will honour this by switching my phone off and making sure my client has all of my attention in their time. The same applies when I’m out of work and with my husband, family and friends
  • I value focus and depth so I need a few “Hell Yes” projects, and I honour this by saying no to everything else
  • I value my wellbeing so I need rest, play ‘off hours”’and will honour this by no work on weekends and using my off-time app

‘I love connecting brands with high-end audiences’

My niches

  • High End – Luxury Brands
  • Soulful Feel good brands
  • Ethical and sustainable brands
  • Brands with soul purpose and social impact
  • Holistic Beauty
  • Beauty
  • Aesthetics Nutraceutical
  • Advanced medical Neuroceutical
  • Sport
  • Celebrity
  • Food & Drink
  • FMCG
  • Third Sector – Causes
  • Adventure
  • Travel I prefer luxury modern, minimal or boho. (Places I would stay)
  • Anything with a YEHA!

I value focus and depth so I only ever take on a few hell yes projects.

My favourite things are

  • Romance
  • Nature
  • Animals
  • Art
  • Music
  • Creativity
  • Stories
  • Poetry
  • Healthy habits
  • Spiritual Development
  • Psychology
  • Exercise & Fitness
  • Wellness
  • Wellbeing
  • Game changers — colourful characters not afraid to stand out