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I’m an expert in 🧠 the psychology of marketing for success

🖊 For many years, I made lists
🖊 Drew multiple mind maps
🖊 Created simple, snappy 1-page action plans
🖊 Ticked boxes

Now I am fully tapped into my intuition, wisdom, energy, and experience and I value my creativity.

My inner circle will focus on getting intentional with:

💥 What sparks joy that lasts, what lights you up? and what helps you stay lit?

🎨 What arouses your creativity and helps you innovate with pure clarity

💃🕺 What energises you that you feel supercharged and hungry for what’s next

✨Decluttering your path. Clutter is the enemy of clarity

🦁 Work your weird… what makes you different, stand out, extra is your super-power. Remember the etymology of the word weird  C140. The adjective (late Middle English) originally meant ‘having the power to control destiny’

👋 Unlearning and saying goodbye to what you’ve always done or what others are doing. The opposite of courage isn’t cowardice it’s conformity. Too many people realise too late they lived someone else’s life and didn’t follow their soul purpose

💜 Taking on Daily rituals with atomic habits and habit stacking. Managing our monkey minds. No paralysis through over-analysis and remembering to stay curious, not judgemental when feeling fearful

🤳 Weekly check-ins learning Acceptance, forgiveness taking personal responsibility and harnessing personal power

🧘 Bye Burn out, hello boundaries and emotional resilience. When emotion goes up decision making goes down. What you tolerate you end up with so decluttering and removing anything that doesn’t serve you

🛠️ If you can’t handle uncertainty you can’t handle growth. So tools to manage the uncomfortable bits so we avoid overwhelming ourselves and self-sabotaging

✌️Peace is always our base rate. So no matter how choppy the sea gets we always come back to this

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Values are our personal sat navs to joy. Values determine what success really means for us and what’s important amongst the noise of life. I use my values to check alignment for any new business opportunities, it makes saying No or yes very simple.

Values can help you prioritise and focus your attention where it counts and be intentional when it comes to the daily doings of your purpose and path. Decluttering is so important in every area of life to stop you from saying yes to stuff that you know deep down isn’t for you. I help you create a work-life balance that lights you up, rather than wears you down.

It’s not surprising that when we don’t take time to understand what success really means to us, let alone make decisions that are aligned with them, we’re left feeling depleted, frustrated or just lost. Your focus matters as your best interest are where the highest interest gets paid

I’m ready to help you live up to your true potential… it is never too late.

“Don’t you dare trim back those wings because they’re taking up all the space in the room? Let them break the roof.”

— Erin Van Vuren

Application for membership in my Inner Circle will be open at key points throughout the year.

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