Guiding you to success

I’m often called upon as a consultant to white label work for grand scale campaigns for global digital agencies this is always really exciting.

Here are some reviews below although I’m under NDA and can’t discuss the projects.

“Sian has phenomenal people skills, she’s naturally ambitious (which is infectious) she thinks differently and all of this is fuelled by a tremendous work ethic. Sian’s invaluable knowledge continues to positively impact the way that we operate our business and I can’t speak highly enough about her. We owe Sian for successfully advising us on some of the most important business decisions we’ve had to make. Needless to say, she was right.”
— Global sports agency


“I would give Sian the title of ‘Digital Adventurer’ – Her drive to push innovation and change through the industry of social media marketing and digital PR is inspiring and it’s not often that we get to partner with marketing professionals that we can say, hand on heart, have a truly holistic understanding of marketing personal brands and really “gets it” Sian is one of those rare people.”
— Global Personal Brand Agent


“Sian is a new generation creative and holistic leader. She is all about future thinking and disrupts outdated brand strategy to not just stay relevant but to be cutting edge, she is smart and courageous and a great deal of fun to work with. A real master of disruption and transformation an exceptional professional with a remarkable ability to build relationships. If you want your brand to win now and in the future, look no further.”
— Major Branding Agency Europe