Guiding you to success

Core values

These matter to me after over a decade in business this is how I build a culture around by business community in terms of suppliers and clients.


Straight talking

Honesty, integrity, respect

No nonsense, no time wasting I value your time, energy and investment in me so I spend it wisely getting things done well. I keep my promises and this enables me to keep my reputation in the business. I’m a truth-teller and not a yes girl, I may not agree with everything you say. I’m paid for my experience, my unique skills and my expertise. I always do what is best for the brand and longevity of success. If I feel people are blocking success I am not afraid to have this discussion.

The opposite of courage isn’t cowardice it’s conformity. To make a profitable brand you need to create a disruptive brand.



Work well. Live Well.

I work well, not hard

Hard indicates struggle and I don’t buy into that, I buy into alignment, focus, precision and dedicated forward motion. I am incredibly disciplined and driven by my client’s success. I believe in the art of listening – we never learn anything from talking only from listening and I believe in mindfulness truly being present where your feet are. When I’m at work I disrupt, challenge, inspire and create game-changing strategies and help to make extraordinary things happen. When I’m not at work I switch to my personal, private phone and I live well and enjoy myself and reconnect with my personal values and time freedom.


Sit by me!

Great minds think unalike, I’m all about cognitive diversity

I champion kindness and inclusion in a world with no outsiders. In both my company and my community. Yes, I am selective where I spend my energy but I always operate from a culture of kindness and honesty. I am genuinely obsessed with creating both opportunities and experiences for all the people I work with. I strive to surround myself with people that are more different than alike as this is where we all learn the most. No one is better than anyone. A wise person knows that there is something to be learned from everyone. You cannot serve a diverse world if your business isn’t a microcosm of that world.


Plan to succeed

Be intentional

I focus on results, what our clients want out of today, what’s most important to them, what the brand or business needs and in what order. I am clear with understanding expectations and delivering that of the greatest value for success. I always plan before I execute. I believe that you can achieve anything if you are focused, hardworking, surround yourself with the right people and have a roadmap that takes you where you want to be and where you deserve to be. Be Intentional.


I am here to serve and inspire

This is why I must connect and believe in those I represent

How can I be of assistance? – Is it something I always ask? Along with if I could make anything happen for you right now what would that be? What does that look like? feel like? I am here to help you to make your business more successful, and to make your brand relationships more aligned. Yes, I will challenge you to push you out of your comfort zone, but I’m here to serve I’m here to help you achieve what you have always wanted.


I choose JOY every single day

I go where I feel aligned I stay rooting for people where I am valued

I’m a silver lining girl, I always choose a positive outlook and I ground myself in gratitude. I want to work in an environment with amazing energy the kind you can feel when you walk into a room. This is why I only work for clients that maintain a high vibration and make representing them and working together fun. Laughter, excitement, happiness, smiling, dancing, singing anything that brings an upbeat feeling to the working week. Not because I feel life is easy and fun, but because I know that on the darkest days I can create my own light.



The ability to adult and forgive

Conflict resolution, the bounce back theory!

I always put my hands up and admit if I am wrong. I am quick to apologise and make good. I value the ability to be human and to accept that humans are flawed and no one is perfect and that people will make mistakes and get things wrong. To forgive and move on effortlessly and gracefully is so important in business. You can predict the long-term health of any relationship by whether the cut heals to 99% or 101%. Nothing and no one is perfect in business, clients and suppliers won’t always get things right. One of the great predictive factors of the long-term success of any relationship is whether mistakes, failures, setbacks, arguments, or conflict leave a relationship weaker or stronger. If you are able to come out of conflict stronger together, you’ll last longer together in business. Those relationships that don’t will erode or compound in failure. Being aware of conflict resolution it’s so important.


To dance with fear

She is a wildflower with a lot of warriors underneath

I always say I am my Fathers daughter I’m not afraid of anything. However, we all get afraid in business it’s how we react to these fears that matters the most. I think by fighting fear you make it stronger so I dance with fear, breaking it into steps, dance moves through communication. How we communicate clearly and openly about what we are afraid of and how we support and reassure each other remember that we are all human simply doing our very best is the backbone of all successful business relationships. Worrying about things that haven’t and often won’t happen is a waste of everyone’s energy and enthusiasm. Overthinking is a sign that you don’t trust yourself and stress is a code word for fear. I support the courage that moves forward despite the fear. You are supported!