Guiding you to success

Don’t believe the hype?… Listen to what some of my clients have to say

Tattooed man with arms behind his head pouting, resting on a bed of sprout leads

Matthew Pritchard

SWYD brand owner, Dirty Vegan TV Chef. Former Dirty Sanchez frontman,

Smiling brunette with green eyes and blonde highlights in red dress. Beautiful Tv presenter Andrea Byrne

Andrea Byrne

TV Presenter and Journalist

Xavier Rush photo of rugby player and business leader sitting on grand steps of a mansion

Xavier Rush

Clinic Owner at Head Quarters Hair Transplants. Former All Black rugby player.


White smiling man with beard called Lee John Philipps

Lee John Phillips

Award-winning illustrator and viral influencer for creatives.

Blonde curly hair lady smiling looking up with glitter strobes behind her. Singers Cat Southall

Cat Southall

Singer-Songwriter, Superstar who has worked with many big names.

Smiling friendly man with red hair

Clive Thomas

Solicitor and Managing Partner at Watkins and Gunn Solicitors.

Catherine Demaid brunette smiling in red shirt

Catherine Demaid

Executive & Change Of Life Coach


Brunette in pink top in lounge smiling

Helen Corsi Cadmore

Fertility Coach helping you get the results you want easily.

Lady with black hair and white skin looking at the camera smiling

Andrea Callanan

Global Voice and Self Mastery Coach.

Julie Kent MBE photo of beautiful woman with blonde hair smiling

Julie Kent MBE

Formidable Keynote speaker, Charity Trustee, and Podcaster of What’s in the Goody Bag.

Rob Oyston and Alex Lock photo founders of Sports Xtra

Rob Oyston

Co-Founder at Rise.Life, Sports Xtra and Calzaghe Mini Dragons.


Sarah Nicolson photo of a blonde lady smiling

Sarah Nicolson

Nurse practitioner and Luxury Facialist.

Tazmin Proctor brunette in white outfit smiling

Tazmin Proctor

Founder of Superpower Superliving Home of sports nutrition and wellbeing products.


Blonde lady holding camera Kate Stuart

Kate Stuart

Kate Stuart of Kate Stuart Photography Wedding, Portrait and Corporate.

Lisa Hardy Brunette lady with green eyes smiling

Lisa Hardy

Office Manager at the Private Fostering Agency.

Dorian Bowen brunette man and Babette Bowen blonde lady looking at plans

Dorian Bowen

Founder of Project One Wales, Creators of Lifestyle Spaces.

Emma Clothier brunette with green eyes smiling

Emma Clothier

Operations Manager at Health Books UK Ltd (


“Sian is one of the most passionate and enthusiastic people I have ever worked with. A consummate professional, she plans and delivers, not missing a single detail. Dynamic and hardworking, she never misses a beat. She taught me a lot about social media and how effective it can be and did an outstanding job in her time working with Skinade as Head of Digital Marketing.”

Lynn Abhulimen black beautiful lady smiling

Lynn Abhulimen

Black Inclusion Advocate | BYP Black Young Professionals Network Leader


“Sian Gunney is a powerhouse. She has unmatched energy and with her ability to think outside of the box she creates the most amazing campaigns that make you think ‘how did I not think of this, it’s perfect, and better still break everything down in easy-to-digest chunks to make the impossible seem possible. I know I’m not alone when I say working with her has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. I absolutely recommend working with Sian – you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!”

Brunette female in turquoise dress smiling on colourful background. Headshot of Rachael Flanagan CEO of Mrs Bucket

Rachael Flanagan

CEO of Mrs Buckét


Sian is not only a ‘brilliant strategist’ she is consistent, fun to work with, and completely delivers on results.

I have worked with Sian and I can only highly recommend it. If you are ready to up-level and work on your brand and PR she will not disappoint 🔥

Louise Marchesin blonde lady with green eyes smiling skincare marketing

Louise Marchesin

Head Of Trade Marketing at Augustinus Bader


“I worked with Sian for over a year and a half at Bottled Science Ltd. She is an incredible professional and very good at what she does. We work very differently which, I believe, gave us an edge. She taught me everything I know about Social Media, making me aware of the strength of this channel and how to use it to push and support all aspects of Marketing and PR. She has been instrumental in laying the foundation for our Social Media strategy and online success.”

Emma Van Heusen blonde lady smiling

Emma Van Heusen

The world’s leading Facebook Ads Coach and Best Selling Author


“Sian is an absolute powerhouse, what she doesn’t know about marketing and strategy isn’t worth knowing. She moves fast – I have never known someone who can get so much done in a day and the output is quality. She really cares about her clients and goes way above what you would expect – I feel so well looked after on all levels and she is an integral part of my business. The best hire I ever made.”

Marian Evans FInstLM. FCMI. ACII photo of brunette smiling

Marian Evans FInstLM. FCMI. ACII.

Thought Leader for Forbes, Executive Coach and owner of Llansteffan castle


“Sian’s energy and enthusiasm are matched by her professionalism and reliability. It’s been great to tap into her experience and gain a different perspective. A real joy to work with!”

Jessica O'Shaughnessy red head lady smiling wistfully

Jessica O’Shaughnessy

Partnership Director at Momentum Sports Agency


“Sian has phenomenal people skills, she’s naturally ambitious (which is infectious), she thinks differently and all of this is fuelled by a tremendous work ethic. Sian’s invaluable knowledge continues to positively impact the way we operate our business. I can’t speak highly enough of her straight-talking, her experience and her talent. We owe Sian for her razor sharp intuition and advising us on some business decisions we’ve had to make, needless to say , she was right.”

Lady smiling holding a bottle of skincare product

Helen Ritchie

Founder Gym For Your Skin (Britain’s Teen Vegan Skincare range)


Sian is a rare gem, a master of her art, with a speed of delivery that’s unfathomable. Her bursting black book is only matched by her terrific energy and wisdom. Can someone really show up every day with that much passion, quality, and verve? Yep, SHE can! Sian channels her knowledge gathered from instructing so many businesses into yours. If that’s what you need from a consultant, she won’t let you down. Like a good therapy session she’ll open up your weaknesses but won’t call you out, she’ll help fill the gaps or coach you to fill them yourself. Thank you for the ride. I’m in, and addicted!

Jay Rixon man with beard in snow smiling

Jay Rixon

BCB International Head of Media


“I couldn’t recommend working with Sian more, she’s like a tornado of pure marketing energy, 10/10 all the way. We had very little if any marketing in place for one of our core products FireDragon fuel. Sian helped us set up solid foundations by identifying key demographics, creating brand guidelines and implementing critical website changes, then constructed an easy-to-follow step-by-step strategy. I was shocked at how fast we were able to see traceable results, from key campaign dates and website traffic all the way through to sales from some of the company’s biggest retailers. Most importantly Sian didn’t set us up for a quick boost until the end of her contract, she is all about passing on expertise and creating brands with longevity in the marketplace and gave us the tools and knowledge to be able to push forwards on our own.”

A brunette asian man looking away from the camera laughing

Thom Gibson

Director of Growth and Business Innovation at Doop Personal Brand Agency Germany


“I would give Sian the title of digital adventurer her drive to push innovation and change through the industry of social media marketing and digital PR is inspiring and it’s not often that we get to partner with marketing professionals that we can say hand on heart, have a true holistic understanding of marketing personal brands and really ‘gets it’ – Sian is one of those rare people she works behind the scenes on many of our most impactful campaigns.”

Jessie Lawrence pretty blonde lady smiling

Jessie Lawrence

Former Co-Founder of Nathan Palmer Bespoke and Fashion brand development specialist.


“I have known Sian for a very long time and we finally got the chance to work together. Sian is absolutely amazing and great to work with. Sian managed our storytelling with creative marketing, PR and event management of our annual fashion show. Sian went above and beyond with her connections to create something groundbreaking in Wales. No detail was overlooked from securing staging design, PR stunt plinths outside the National Museum in Wales, managing sponsor relations, promoting to customers, managing models and celebrities. Organizing promotional videos and managing media. All of this alongside which helped us to increase the visibility of the brand and the collection. We created a show which exceeded expectations … and to this day people still talk about it.”

Jai Street photo of brunette man in light blue shirt and grey blazer

Jai Street

Founder of Mindful Wealth



“Sian has developed a strategy for my company Mindful Wealth. The level of research and understanding she has is unparalleled – I feel absolutely empowered to develop my business with her guidance. Everything Sian does is carried out comprehensively and with total clarity. She has met and exceeded all of my expectations and I look forward to developing my business further.”

Morgan Jones white man with brown hair smiling

Morgan Jones UK Retail Sales & Marketing at BCB International Ltd


“Sian is such a great person to work with – very dedicated and hard-working. As someone who started on a project with little marketing experience, Sian took it upon herself to coach and support my work which has been a huge help for my future projects. So fun to work with and extremely motivational!”

Ruth brunette and red lipstic and belt and black top

Ruth Tuathla Ching

Media Relations on behalf of SW, South West Global


“My role is finding experts that think differently and stand out for my top-tier clients. Sian is a new generation creative and holistic leader. She is all about future thinking and disrupts outdated brand strategy to not just stay relevant but to be cutting edge. She is smart and courageous and a great deal of fun to work with. A real master in disruption and transformation and an exceptional professional, with a remarkable ability to build relationships. If you want your brand to win now and in the future look no further.”


Lucy Dartford blonde British publicist smiling

Lucy Dartford

We Are Lucy PR Founder and MD


“Sian is a unique powerhouse of ideas and inspiration taking brands and profiles to the next level. From her forward-thinking strategy building through to her valuable guidance and support. She is able to unlock doors most people don’t know about or don’t get given access. This makes working together professionally rather thrilling. It’s a pleasure to manage the PR of some of her client base that she recommends. We are a great team and I see a bright and exciting future for us, she is a joy to work with!”

Paul Davies smiling photo of bald man in blue tshirt

Paul Davies

Sales Director at FireDragon Fuel


“It was a pleasure to work with Sian, professional, hard-working and dedicated are words that do not do her justice. She was on the case from day one and ensured that everyone was up to speed with all of the activities and events. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Alix Popham red haired man and former rugby player

Alix Popham

HUB XV Founder and Former Welsh Ruby Player


“Sian is an absolute master of her trade — knowledgable, insightful and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend her as a trusted and valuable business partner.”

Katherine Agong black woman smiling with red lipstick and a green top

Katherine Agong

Transport Planner and Engineer


“Sian is a master in the area of PR and marketing. I have been really impressed with the energy and work ethic that Sian displays!”

Mark Stevenson brunette man smiling in grey suit with white shirt

Mark Stevenson

Managing Director at Karolo Design.


“I’ve worked with Sian on a number of projects and can’t recommend her highly enough. Her passion, dedication and drive for success is truly something to admire. Sian creatively implements strategies with a laser-like focus on results, helping her clients to go above and beyond their objectives. If you work with Sian you’ll be challenged, you’ll be excited, you’ll move fast, but most importantly… you’ll get results.”

A blonde lady in a black jumper smiling

Lyndsey Ward

Group Sales Manager at The Rugby Football League


“Sian is a strong multifunctional professional who has devoted herself to the social media marketing and PR business. I can’t preach enough about Sian as she has a unique approach to business. She has something that can’t be taught. She is a snappy thinker, understanding a commercial balance from every aspect of the business.”

Ali Souini man laughing in grey suit

Ali Souini

Residential Real Estate Broker


“Sian is a hardworking, trustworthy and consistent in all that she does.  One of the best marketing people I have had the pleasure of working with!”

Suzanne Boudier tanned brunette lady smiling

Suzanne Boudier

Owner of Firefly PR


“I was genuinely blown away by Sian’s unwavering attention to detail, creativity, organisation skills and faultless flair for making things happen that raise people’s spirits and provide excellent publicity for her clients. She is highly personable and presentable, a smart cookie who is a real joy to work with. I highly recommend Sian.”

David Mackay white man with blue eyes and big curly hair

David Mackay

Clever Lighting Sales, Design and Supply



” I’ve worked with Sian on multiple projects for over a decade. Sian is the ‘Get it done Pro’ of PR and Marketing. What you need to be done, gets done, and stays done.  However, what is more important, is that she can give what you didn’t even know you needed. Sian will give you an edge.”

Jonathan Morgan Gilmore smiling bald man

Jonathan Morgan Gilmore

Business Psychology & Consumer-Persuasion Facilitator


“Sian is energy personified, with an enviable ability to make everyone that she interacts with feel that they are the most important person in the room. Her PR and Promotional skills are simply awesome, and I’m hoping that we get to work with her, and her colleagues, again soon!”

Lawrence Corria Jnr a white man with brown hair and a blue shirt smiling at the camera

Lawrence Corria Jnr

Co-Owner and MD at Spectrum Printing


“I would highly recommend Sian. We worked together on a social media strategy plan for my company Spectrum Printing. It was super constructive and Sian was a pleasure to work with. It was evident that Sian had done a lot of preparation prior to our initial consultation, which enabled us to get stuck right in to high-value tasks.”

Tracey Champion blonde smiling at the camera

Tracey Champion

UK Business Development Manager


“Sian is a highly dedicated and motivating marketing consultant who goes above and beyond on a daily basis. Her networking skills are exemplary.”

Mark James car garage owner smiling at camera leaning on car bonnet

Mark James

Managing Director | James & Jenkins Garages | Charter Vehicle Hire |


“Sian is highly professional and passionate about her areas of expertise. Her attention to detail and focus on developing your business through the ever-changing world of Social Media is second to none. Your business and its’ digital profile is in safe hands with Sian Gunney.”

Vicki Betts blonde lady with short hair smiling

Vicki Betts – BSc (Hons) MSc MIEMA CEnv

Senior Advisor – Economic Appraisal at Environment Agency


“Sian is super skilled and efficient her particular skill lay in her ability to forge strong working relationships via her personable, friendly and helpful style. A born negotiator and influencer who makes things happen.”

Tim Rice man with glasses and curly hair and a neck scarf on artist

Tim Rice

Bars and Restaurants Interior Designer


“I have worked alongside Sian within a few different companies. She is a very good person to have behind you, very ambitious and WILL make things happen! Constantly improving wherever possible, will battle until a job is done, Sian is also very creative, imaginative with ideas not only with how something may look but in a strategic sense which is a great combination.”

Steve Morgan photo of a man with brown hair and white skin smiling at the camera

Steve Morgan

Freelance SEO expert consultant and Multi-award-winning author


“She’s smart, switched-on, and a lot of fun to work with. She ‘gets’ SEO and knows how it fits into the whole digital marketing picture, which made the process of working together easy and pain-free, and meant that I knew that my recommendations were being understood and taken on board. If you ever get the chance to work with her then I recommend it.”

Alex Lloyd Jenkins man with dark hair smiling looking down

Alex Lloyd Jenkins

Brand Designer + Commercial Photographer


“Sian has limitless energy and passion for the brands she works with. She really goes on the full journey with every brand she encounters and immerses herself fully into the culture, ambitions and strategy to lead it forward in her measured, calm and truly creative way. I’ve worked with Sian on various campaigns over the years and she delights and surprises me every time with her attention to detail, creativity, ideas generation and all-around brand and campaign game (which seems to be upped at every stage or project I’ve worked with her on!) She’s a delight to work with, super professional, constantly pushing and encouraging not only me but every member of the teams she works with. Can’t recommend her highly enough. Go on Sian!”

Man smiling web designer

Graham Sanders

Senior UX and UI Graphic Designer


Sian Gunney, what can I possibly add to all the positive testimonials she’s received from notable people within the business industry and global celebrities?

Well, from my own personal perspective Sian has been a delight to work with, exuding her passion and creativity into every project. As a success strategist, she uses her expertise to bring experienced, talented teams together, creating data-informed strategies which jettison brands.

If you’re looking to inject new life into your business then Sian is the go-to person within the industry and will guide your brand to measurable success.

On a personal level, she has become a valued friend whose professional advice has been extremely beneficial.

Jay Page white man with blue eyes and fedora hat night club and bar marketing

Jay Page

Regional Sales Executive – South at The New World Trading Company


” Without a doubt, Sian is an inspirational worker, creative and offers a service that is second to none in this field of work. I thought I had it all, but Sian went that step further to make it happen.”

Isabella Howell blonde young lady looking away from the camera smiling

Isabella Howell

Creative at Edmonds Elder, London


“Sian taught me a lot about marketing and helped us better the company, especially our website and outreach to our audience. I highly recommend Sian!”

Sara Jones blonde with short hair smiling at camera with garden in background

Sara Jones

Founder of Online Retail Academy and One Eyed Cat PPC Ad company


“Sian is a consummate professional – proactive, hardworking, dynamic and highly knowledgeable in the field of marketing. Any project she undertakes she does so with the energy and skill to ensure it over-delivers on her client’s expectations. I very much look forward to working with Sian again – it’s an absolute pleasure to work with someone with such exacting standards and high expectations.”

Smiling man next to flowers

Gareth Hughes

Founder and MD at HGA Productions


Sian is a creative and strategic genius who understands people and markets, bringing both together with unique strategies that work to help brands grow. As a professional supplier of video and photography to Sian, she helps to steer our creative ideas to focus them in the most effective directions, her perspective is invaluable to us and always inspires confidence in what we’re producing. On a personal level, Sian is all about the ‘who’ and connects with her tribe in a wonderful way. We gladly ride her cape-tails (I would say coat-tails, but 🦸‍♀️)!

man with red hair on stage doing a ted talk

Matt Callanan

Taking people to the next level with Superstar Coaching


ALWAYS look forward to sessions with Sian. She is incredible at what she does. If you want someone who can create an impactful and successful strategy Sian is your person. Great energy. Great results.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars from me.

Man with dark hair folding arms videographer

Simon Huntley

Founder of Santori Films


Sian is incredibly passionate and works tirelessly for her clients.
After working with Sian on a number of video projects, I have experienced her incredible enthusiasm. I was filled with the belief that i could accomplish anything.

I came away, so excited about my business and the possibilities than lay ahead. I recommend Sian to anybody wishing to develop, and supercharge their business.

Mark Cuddihy ice hockey director getting a kiss from his daughter

Mark Cuddihy

Director of Hockey at Cardiff Fire


“Sian gave a fantastic service to the Cardiff Devils. Her knowledge of social media and event management was exactly what we needed. Sian also helped the business with various contacts she had around the City. I would highly recommend the services of Sian Gunney.”

Matthew Shaw bruntte white man in white shit with blue blazer

Matthew Shaw

QV Auditors


“Sian is not only a passionate, genuine businesswoman but also holds the same qualities as an individual too. I find that Sian works with the highest level of integrity. She never fails to give less than 100% on any task or problem that can sometimes carry a heavy weight for even the sharpest of entrepreneurs. She is a creator and makes great things happen.”

Would you like to be guided to success?

Whatever success means to you, it can often feel out of reach, too big, or too complex. Making it seem impossible to understand how to get to where you want to be.

Without a clear route and roadmap to get there people can often freeze with fear and not move forward. Or become scattered with their energy and focus and never arrive at their destination.


I’m here to help guide you to success

I discuss your business or brand goals and I get clarity on what success looks like for you and your team. Then I create an over-arching strategy for you that will ignite that excitement and drive you have been looking for, I break the goals down into easily digestible tasks this helps provide structure monthly, weekly, daily and gives you small stepping-stones with sign-posts so you know you are on track and this enables you to reach your destination.

The ways I can work with you are:


  • By designing a success strategy for you, your team, or your suppliers to implement
  • By designing and implementing a success strategy for you and encouraging, challenging, and coaching you to reach success in the right way
  • By designing a successful strategy for you to implement. Doing a health check a consultancy appointment to audit and quality control activity or simply to troubleshoot and keep you and your team on track for success
  • You can sign up for my bitesize video training courses so that you get the skills you need to power up and upgrade your route to success
  • If you would like some support or mentoring you can apply to book in some hours to suit you. If you want more and feel frustrated, keep self-sabotaging your own success or feel stuck this is for you!
  • If you have lost your purpose and want support in discovering your purpose or path again. I can help with my ideas shop you can book in a power hour and walk away with a new drive and joie de vivre