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To market and build the FireDragon brand awareness among the general public – the consumer- who would buy fire or barbeque starters.

The rationale for this marketing strategy is to ensure sell-through in the stores it is/will be listed in Go Outdoors, B+Q, and all good camping shops and garden centers. This will help new retailers’ decision to also stock them.

This is to not only help sell FireDragon but to create brand loyalty and improve consumer confidence in FireDragon as a new product and help justify the premium retail price for FireDragon at the point of sale.



3 months.


  • Marketing and clear messaging strategy created
  • Brand guidelines created
  • Personas created
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy created
  • Staff training documents created for social media management and Facebook business ads
  • Collaborations organised with brands such as big green egg, whittle, and flame, hot diggidy dog sauce, new scientist competition
  • Collaborations with influencers such as Austyn Farrell who went viral on TikTok and Instagram during lockdown as he danced with his friends and neighbours on his street in Enfield
  • Building a network of engaged BBQ chefs and grillers
  • International staff training for the marketing team
  • Total reach report in 2 months shows 27,704,837 in just over 2 months PR and digital
  • Featured in the Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times, The Observer, The New Scientist, and the Mail Online
  • Social Media targeted ads generated 281,745 reaches alone
  • BCB International Individual high authority Global press mentions 88 after Sian did media release for Royal visit with Prince Charles
  • Direct correlations were shown between PR and social media activity and online sales on amazon.
  • Store sales data was showing healthy consistent sales across all the B&Q stores in the UK.



“I couldn’t recommend working with Sian more, she’s like a tornado of pure marketing energy, 10/10 all the way.

We had very little if any marketing in place for one of our core products FireDragon fuel. Sian helped us set up solid foundations by identifying key demographics, creating brand guidelines, and implementing critical website changes, then constructed an easy-to-follow step-by-step strategy.

I was shocked at how fast we were able to see traceable results, from key campaign dates and website traffic all the way through to sales from some of the company’s biggest retailers.

Most importantly Sian didn’t set us up for a quick boost until the end of her contract, she is all about passing on expertise and creating brands with longevity in the marketplace and gave us the tools and knowledge to be able to push forwards on our own.”

— Jay Rixon, BCB International


“Sian is such a great person to work with — very dedicated and hard-working. As someone who started on a project with little marketing experience, Sian took it upon herself to coach and support my work which has been a huge help for my future projects. So fun to work with and extremely motivational!”

— Morgan Jones, BCB International


“It was a pleasure to work with Sian, professional, hard-working, and dedicated are words that do not do her justice. She was on the case from day one and ensured that everyone was up to speed with all of the activities and events. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

— Paul Davies, BCB UK Sales Director for FireDragon

Video Marketing took centre stage with FireDragon

From branding reveals such as the below

To storytelling for the seasons:  Spring Edit FireDragon Firelighters

and Summer edit FireDragon firelighters great product videos by Gareth Hughes at HGA Studios

Then competitions let our customers become our marketeers

Click here to watch Austyn Farrell Creator, Dancer, and tik tok influencer with his competition entry for FireDragon fuel which went viral.

PR results see image below.



New brand strategy, content strategy and brand guidelines.



By his Royal approval HRH The Prince of Wales, Charles visits BCB and tests FireDragon.

The press content goes viral in less than 24 hours its hit all main media globally.