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  • To ignite brand LOVE on social media rather than people just taking to complain online
  • To create an exciting social media strategy that would result in increased positive engagement and make the fun of the account again for both the customers and the staff.
  • To train the Domino’s pizza managers at the monthly meetings.
  • To create a range of competitions to excite and delight customers at all locations.
  • To increase positive sentiment online and present campaign ideas to UK head office to celebrate milestone achievements.



4 years of ongoing social media management and campaign management


  • We supported the biggest group of franchises across the UK with their social media creative content, management, and adverts.
  • We involved all the managers and their staff in the social media and got personal with the accounts with a spotlight on the staff.
  • We engaged famous rugby players in each location for competitions to go and make pizza with their biggest fans at Dominos’
  • We had the amazing food artist Nathan Wyburn making Domino’s pizza portraits.
  • We organised surprise pizza gifting hit squad and competitions from the road of the week to a fan of the month rocketed positive engagement.
  • We created social media community management guidance and social media strategies to turn every complaint into a brand lover and fan for life.
  • Our listening in strategy really got people talking as we stopped just broadcasting and started checking in with our customers.
  • We got personal with a fun and kind notes on the pizza boxes and made sure that we kept feeding back in real-time to the domino’s stores and their drivers so we could respond to their tweets and comments whilst delivering their pizza. This both surprised and delighted customers that Domino’s was indeed a big brand but due to the franchises and smart social media it could at small enough to really care.
  • When the pizza deliveries went up to 3 am we thought we would turn up the heat and even asked our customers if they could draw on their boxes to enter competitions to win dominos treats! Some grumpy cats, some cheesy jokes, some burns to Pizza hut, and even a proposal!
  • After a pitch to Domino’s HQ for a PR stunt of epic proportion and superstar singer status, we were asked to do a new campaign to coincide with the Simpsons ad campaign.
  • We worked closely with HQ for over 12 months
  • After three months of social media creative content supported by social media adverts across the Facebook pages, brand awareness had jumped by 60%.
  • Research showed that viewers of The Simpsons were twice as likely to order a delivery pizza than the average 16- to 34-year-old. There was an increase in the frequency of ordering Domino’s at least once a week in cable/satellite homes from 9% to 13%.
  • Domino’s brand share rose from 15% to 19%, making it the number one pizza delivery firm in the UK, ahead of Pizza Hut which outspends Domino’s by 15 to 1.
  • The fun and clever Domino’s content creation, ads, and community management won us industry awards for Innovation with Domino’s Pizza. Our Twitter accounts were awarded for being the most fun and creative across the global brand.
  • Positive sentiment across a high volume of individual social media accounts for all the local Domino’s stores increased by 60%.



“Sian and her team have transformed our company’s social media from an unprofessional, unsuccessful Facebook group run by staff that had virtually no interaction into a vibrant and lucrative marketing tool. From an unattractive Facebook group with 20 followers per store, Sian and her team have managed to create successful Facebook and Twitter pages with hundreds of followers who frequently interact. Our social media accounts won awards for innovation. We have produced online social media-specific deals for Sian and her team to advertise on the social media sites, all well received by followers. The engaging and interesting posts made by Sian and her team always encourage interaction by followers ( I sometimes even like the posts myself out of genuine interest), who subsequently become more likely to form a positive association with the brand and ultimately to make a purchase.
As a Franchisee who also visits, and works in the stores that Sian Gunney and her team promote, I have on numerous occasions received compliments from customers about our social media pages.

Sian and her team are always incredibly polite and professional and most importantly genuinely excited about what they are doing.

They are a pleasure to work with, as Sian is always full of brilliant ideas and excitement for the company that she is working with. This is especially important for our company, as we are a very fun and exciting brand – and this is conveyed perfectly by Sian’s positive attitude and work that is produced by her and her team.”

— Shayban Alibrahim, Domino’s Franchisee owner